Nature's medicine - Going strong 3000+ Years later

Natural Medicine

Herbal medicine is a key component of Chinese medicine. It has been practiced safely for over two millennia. Chinese herbalists were proficient observers who recorded much of the healing and pain relief they achieved, passing the best formulas on to future generations.

Herbal medicine is used effectively to treat a wide variety of conditions such as: common colds, sinus infections, upper respiratory conditions, menstrual pain, irregular cycles, shingles, headaches, migraines, sports injuries, chronic pain and post-operative recovery.

For best results, Chinese herbal formulas are prescribed to reinforce acupuncture treatments and to speed recovery.

Common Questions

How do you know which herbs I need?

We select herbs for you only after a careful and detailed history. We diagnose your unique pattern and create a custom herbal plan to treat you. The process is a dynamic one & your herbs are adjusted as your situation changes. You get exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

How often do I have to take the herbs?

Typically you will take the herbs twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening.

Will I have to take a bunch of pills?

Herbs are medical foods and sometimes require higher doses than with the typical vitamins or pharmaceutical drugs. However, we’re certain you’ll feel the trade off in terms of healing effects is well worth it.

Do they taste bad?

Generally, capsules containing concentrated powdered extracts are prescribed – so there is no issue of bad taste. Some patients prefer to take tincture or extract form for ease of use and personal preference; the taste of these formulas vary. You can choose which formulation works best for you.

What about my medications? Are there any interactions?

Our experience is that herb/drug interactions are extremely rare. We are extremely skilled at knowing when we need to exercise caution with your herbal plan in relation to medications you might be taking. In some cases, patients are able to work with their doctors to reduce their medications once they are on the right herbal combination. 

Do I have to take them forever?

Unlike with many medications, herbs gently guide your body back into balance. Once you’ve stabilized at your improved level of wellness, you can safely discontinue the herbs with no ill effects. Many of our patients choose to continue taking them, however, and this is perfectly safe should you choose to do so as well.. 

What about about the manufacturing of the herbs and supplements? What about safety?

All of the herbal medicines that we use come from companies with the highest manufacturing standards in the world. These companies follow stringent guidelines created by the FDA to ensure the highest quality product. The herbs are identified, tested and retested using TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography for proper herb species identification), microbial testing for potential harmful pathogens, Gas Chromatography (which tests for the presence of over 200 harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides), HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, which tests for the correct concentrations of active medicinal ingredients), and ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry, which tests for heavy metals).

We do a great deal of research and only do business with the very most reputable herb and supplement manufacturers in the world. Occasionally patients will seek out less expensive products online in an attempt to reduce the cost of their treatment. We strongly caution against this practice because many Chinese herbal products available online to consumers are counterfeit, are imported to the United States illegally, and are manufactured by unscrupulous companies that do not adhere to the safety standards described above. At best they are full of fillers and simply ineffective, at worst they can actually cause you harm.