Migraine pain management

Our 100% natural therapies help you lessen or even completely eliminate migraines so you can live a more fulfilling, pain-free life with your loved ones. All without more medications, painful injections or risky surgeries.

Our unique blend of natural therapies works for all types of migraine, including:


  • Hormonal Migraines occurring each month around your cycle
  • Visual migraines
  • Cluster headaches
  • Severe, recurrent migraine
  • Migraines with vomiting and nausea
  • Chronic, daily migraines
  • Migraines that don’t respond to traditional medications

Why Our Natural Treatment For Migraines Works So Well

We awaken your body’s natural healing system

Despite what you may have been led to believe, your body is not “broken” and it IS possible to heal your migraines. Your body is powerful and it knows how to heal itself. It just needs the right input and support. Your body makes its own anti-inflammatory substances and painkillers, and our therapies help it do just that. YOU are your own best healer.

We keep it simple

Healing your migraines does not have to be difficult. Simple, individualized lifestyle and diet changes, along with our targeted natural therapies, are a very clear and concise way to gently get you back on track and feeling like yourself again.

We address the root cause

Our process includes pinpointing the actual root CAUSE of your migraines. This is why so many have found relief with our therapies, even when other therapies didn’t work. Even those with a long family history of migraines have experienced significant relief.

We use an all natural approach your doctor doesn’t know about

Your doctor may have told you that you have to live with your migraines or “this is as good as it gets”. That doesn’t mean there’s no treatment, it just means your doctor has run out of ideas or there aren’t conventional treatments available. Oftentimes we find that people who don’t respond well to conventional treatment respond very well to our natural approach.

Here’s How We Help You Overcome Your Migraines


  1. Core Factors Assessment – First we assess your situation to determine the root cause of your migraine.
  2. Focused Action Plan – Next, we come up with a clear, concise, and focused treatment plan to attack the root cause along with any other symptoms you might be experiencing (such as visual auras, body pain, feelings of stress and anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue, and problems with mental focus). Your treatment plan will include one or more of the following therapies: acupuncture, targeted nutritional supplements, herbs, and relaxation exercises.
  3. Acupuncture for Pain Relief – We’ll do weekly acupuncture sessions targeted towards relieving pain and strengthening your body’s natural healing mechanisms to alleviate your migraine and de-stress your body.
  4. Targeted Nutritional and Herbal Support – We make sure you have a nutritional plan and the right herbal therapy that supports the healing of the cells and tissues that have been depleted or damaged and are causing your migraines.
  5. Ensure Stable, Lasting Results – Once we’ve achieved consistent pain relief, we’ll gradually reduce the frequency of the treatments, to ensure that your results last.
I am taking medication for my migraines, will anything you do conflict with my current treatment?

Absolutely not, we evaluate all medications you are taking and ensure that we do not prescribe any herbal therapy with any known cross-reactions interactions.

The strong medications I take for my migraines don’t even work sometimes, how will something like tiny needles make any difference?

Your body is powerful. It is highly capable of healing itself and is always striving to return to a state of balance. Oftentimes even small adjustments result in large shifts which make all the difference because you are working with your body’s own natural healing response and not chemically over-riding it.

How do I know this will work for migraines?

Not only do various research studies show that migraines can be improved or even permanently alleviated by using acupuncture and herbal therapy, we have experience and has seen this firsthand.

Will you tell me I have to take 25 vitamin pills a day?

We always make sure our treatment plans are concise and focused on your problem. No “shotgun” approach here.

Will I have to spend a lot of time coming in for treatments?

Most of our patients are able to get great results with once-weekly visits. We can discuss this in more detail at your free consultation.

Will I have to keep doing treatment with you forever?

Many patients experience a complete resolution of symptoms (or solution to their problem) in 10-12 visits. After that, many choose to come in for regular maintenance visits. But, our goal is to get you to where you no longer need treatment and will be so happy with your results you’ll send us all your friends and family

How long does it take to see results?

People often feel a shift after the very first treatment. Acupuncture is a very powerful way to stimulate endorphin release, which is the most powerful relaxing substance the body makes.

Does it hurt?

The needles are extremely thin, about the width of a cat whisker, and they cause little to no pain because they are so tiny and do not cut the skin.